Collaborative art: Creating together

Here I listed my personal take-aways from past experiences. Also you’ll find some projects that resulted from collabs.

#1 Have a deadline

  • Everybody is busy and time is precious. That’s why a noncommercial art project should be treated the same way as a day job is. With agendas for meetings and a reliable time schedule!
  • Search for deadlines, that could serve your collective, for example a date until you have to apply for funding or for participating in a festival.
  • Of course deadlines for final publication can be set arbitrarily, sometimes it can help to find a somewhat meaningful moment, like an internationally celebrated day that matches your purpose.

Together with my artist collective we participated at a berlin art festival with a sound/print installation about the smells of Berlin-Neukölln.
Do I really want to smell Berlin-Neukölln?

#2 Like each other

  • It’s easy to start hating your best friends when accomplishing a common project. To have a deep connection is a good foundation to survive the struggles ahead together.
  • If you start a collaboration already with semi sympathy you’ll probably not end up with a outcome you can celebrate together.
  • Choose your team wisely!

My childhood friends and I wrote a rap song about female empowerment and its music video premiered on international women’s day.
Ok, let me see it!

#3 Distribute responsibilities

  • Allow other collective’s members their field of specialization!
  • When working on our music video for example we decided soon after starting that each of us shall have a specific role: Styling Master, Video Supervisor, Brand Designer and Marketing Rockstar.

A choreographer of contemporary dance was looking for a multidisciplinary team to support her performance. I contributed with 2-channel projected visuals.
What was the piece about?

#4 Accept unequal work load

  • Don’t be too surprised that some people will work more/less than others.
  • Talk about what you need and what you wish.
  • Nobody can be forced, everyone is in it voluntarily. Make peace with it.

#5 Agree on costs early on

  • Are there any funding opportunities?
  • Can the planned art work be created with less costly materials?
  • What is your maximum budget?

In 2018 my friends organized a group exhibition in Hamburg. I worked in a team of 4 on a generative video installation.
How did it look like?

#6 Make it your project

  • Fight for your creative freedom within the project boundaries.
  • A voluntary project needs to be about self expression for each one of you.

In a group exhibition in a dusty basement of Berlin-Neukölln I presented my interactive piece „new bodies“ that explored female sexuality and pornography.
Touch me deeply!