Aromatic Audio Walk

»Eau de Neukölln« is an invitation to reawaken our most neglected sense in the digital world – the sense of smell. The AUDIO WALK & SCENT MAP reactivates the olfactory neighbourhood. Different audio pieces investigate the history, memory and philosophy of urban smell and can be accessed through QR code on the five different spots.

About the project

5 spots, 5 flags, 5 audiopieces

The piece was part of a group exhibition taking place within the 48h Neukölln Festival.

Exhibited June 17.–20. 2021 in and around Kindl Brauerei

Place & time

The project is initiated by four artists/designers from Berlin, yearly taking part at 48h Neukölln.

Tinka Legvart
Sabine Kelka
Katharina Schaar
Sabine Redlich

The team

Check out the audio walk, it’s on Soundcloud!

The audio pieces

Banners in the urban space were printed in the screen printing workshop SDW Neukölln

Screen-printed banners