Generative drawings

The picture series shows the desperate need to subject untamed chaos to a logical order. There are 1000 dots on each of the hand-drawn pictures. A graphic system makes the incomprehensible quantity countable. 


Exhibited 2022 at 48h NK festival and in an art space in Berlin Treptow.


Prior to this drawing series I created piece showing 10.000 dots. Same principal, but realized on Illustrator.

»10.000 days on earth«

Inspired by the name of the Nick Cave Documentary »20.000 days on earth« I developed an illustrative infographic, that visualizes the number 10.000, which was the number of days I was on earth at that time.

The idea was, to create an arbitrary looking method of counting dots.
The dots are looking like a mess at first, but by looking closer at it you see the graphic system that gives you the evidence that we have exactly 10.000 dots on the picture.