Motion experiments

I try to stay curious when it comes to creating new video styles.

#1 Keep the pressure low

  • I love my ipad to create quick drafts and playful results.
  • Working with rough animator is always fun.
  • Its easy to get started with and therefore reduces the anxiety of a blank canvas.

Working on iPads roughanimator is a great tool for me to try out some quick frame-by-frame Loops.
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#2 Participate in collective challenges

  • @motiontober
  • @36daysoftype

I participated a few times in the international video competition »Loopdeloop«, crafting quick ideas around given themes, like »Love«.
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#3 Generative methods

  • I messed around with Stable Diffusion.
  • Dynamics, Particles, Trapcode
  • To get surprised is fun.

I experimented with imitating real physics and therefore generating a movement of objects. My tests resulted in three oddly satisfying loops.
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#4 Live VJing

  • Something unexpected might happen.
  • Playing live is great for exploring.
  • Since it only exists in the heat of the moment, I cannot be held accountable afterwards.

#5 Real Matter

  • The brain works always different when hands are acting with matter.
  • Trying analogue techniques can be more satisfying and motivating.
  • The magic of stoptrick does not fade in the digital age.

For a gallery in Berlin-Neukölln I created an image clip which was drawn entirely by hand on paper.
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