Crafting video narratives in diverse spaces

Some stuff I worked on, some things I have learned. Want to do so much more here.

#1 surfaces

  • LEDs (small and big, grids, kinetic ones)
  • projection mapping (architecture, gauzes, objects, kinetic surfaces)

For a luxury watch I created visuals for an immersive projection booth. See some snippets and more content:
→ see my showreel (2014–17)

#2 people

  • in my agency work I created a lot of video content for stages interacting with actors, show hosts, dancers or general audience
  • people sitting in front of a conference LED stage have different needs than the ones dancing their legs off in a club

In a contemporary dance performance I projected my visuals on 20 gauzes as well as on a kinetic supersize curtain in the center of the stage.
→ tell me more

#3 content

  • „They shall not vomit.“ 🙂
  • flashy content needs epileptic trigger warnings
  • on the big screen movements may be very slow
  • big moments are better than small details
  • contrasts have to be high when projecting

With a friend I organized a theme party about anxieties. I created the party visuals for it.